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Introduction to Azifat Ashtarout  (1/4)
The band "Azifat Ashtarout" was founded by the artist Sahar Taha, after several attempts to found an all girls band. The band held its first concert with Sahar Taha at the American University of Beirut in the end of 2004.

Then another concert was held at the Jarash festivals in Jordan in July 2005, and a third concert at the Royal Cultural Center in Amman, Jordan.

In Syria the band held a concert in the Damascus International Exhibition in August 2005 and another concert part of the " Silk Road" festival Dier Zour in September 2005.

In Lebanon the band held a concert for the volunteers of the "Sounbolat Al-khayr" Festival in collaborations with the AL-Amal Institute for the Retarded on August 2005 at Shkeif Fortress, Arnoun.

In Tunisia the band held five concerts in the cities of Safa, Manouba, Mahdiya, Jurjis, and Madneen.
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