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Introduction to Azifat Ashtarout  (2/4)
The band consists of Sahar Taha on Oud and Vocals, Maggie Makhoul on Kanoun, Salma Hilal on Oud, Sanaa Shibane on NAY, Rana Salama on Percussion (Tabla), Loubna Lakis on Violin, Dima Mawazini on Santoor, Rana Ajlil Yakeen on Chello, Ghada Tabet and Rania Mansour on choral, and Said Taha the Manager of the band.

With this the Artist Sahar Taha, who is holding on to traditional Iraqi songs seeks to present Traditional Arab songs also such as Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, Yemenis, and Tunisian.

Just as well, the artist shows her interest in focussing on the feminine musical element to support her Position, by encouraging feminine creative talents especially in the profession of musicians. TAHA sees that Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco are the leaders in the field of establishing female music group, where countries such as Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon have had very simple and small attempts even with the availability of many talents there, and with the several music institutions starting to establish oriental female groups, the move is still in its beginning with the wishes of success and continuation from Sahar Taha.
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