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Introduction to Azifat Ashtarout  (3/4)
The idea of a feminine Oriental chamber has been in Sahar Taha's mind ever since the mid seventies, she has worked hard to establish a music group in collaboration with other, her first attempts was with the artist Mohammed Kassas in the band "Chaikhat Al_Tarab" for a short while in 1996, then the Producer Marwan Haddad to establish the band "Al-Hawanim" in 1997, which was Mainly Formed of the females that graduated from the TV program" Nojoom AL-Mostaqbal", but these steps were in need of produces and sponsors to ensure their continuation.

Taha also pointed out to Professor Fadi Yaacoub's attempt at the National Conservatory of Beirut, to establish a female band for oriental music, which performed a lot of successful concerts.

As for the first performance of the Band" Ashtaroot's female Musicians" with Sahar TAHA, it took in mid of 2004 when she mixed together the oriental chamber with the various western and oriental instrument of young musicians performing two concerts first at the American University of Beirut, and the second at the "International Damascus Exhibition" in Syria.
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